Tony - bass guitar, mouth harp

Tony grew up (physically at least...) in Sussex, and went to Durham University, where he discovered and later defected to the North. He taught himself mouth organ at age 11, acoustic guitar in his teens, mandolin and bass guitar in his twenties, and then ran out of room for instruments.

Having been a solo singer and guitarist in folk clubs in the seventies, he now mainly plays in collaboration with others. In Tumbling Tom, Tony plays bass on most tunes, but also plays harmonica and percussion at times. On bass, he follows the example of the great Ashley Hutchings in keeping a “skip” in the music, combining with Steve and Les to create compelling rhythmic support to the traditional tunes and dances.

When not out with Tumbling Tom, Tony also plays bass in the occasional Rhythm ‘n’ Blues band Pazoozalators, and guitar in (rival!) ceilidh band Jigbusters.

Tony lives in Windermere with wife Zoe and school-age son. Zoe plays mandolin and fiddle, combining with Tony’s guitar in a duo available for private functions.

Tony plays Overwater Perception 5-string and Fender Precision 4-string basses through an Ashdown MAG 300 amplifier. He uses Lee Oskar harmonicas, and has acoustic guitars by Fylde and Peter Abnett. The red Aria in the photo has given up the ghost after many years' faithful service, but is fondly remembered.


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